Saturday, 30 June 2012


Shoes make me go weak in the knees. 
Last week when i was going through some online shops i came across these green platform shoes. It looked great. Especially the color. And when i looked at the price i was sold.! Rs.999($20 approx) people. Score.! Got them immediately and they arrived the day before yesterday. Its a wee bit small for me but i can manage. :D
The gold collar necklace was a gift from a friend from Mumbai. Gosh, i want to move there. If not for anything else,Shopping. It nearly impossible to find things like these here in Shillong. One of the reasons why i almost always shop online. 

Deepika Padukone was on the cover of vogue this month and does she look hot or what.?  I had recently discovered this Indian online shop that stocked brands like Aldo,Mango and Nine West. I was ecstatic of course since Shillong has none of those brands. Heck, we don't even have a mall here. Benetton is what we have closest to nice brands. Sucks i know. Anywho,I browsed through all the shoes and settled for a pair Aldo wedges. Went to checkout. Typed in my area code. "Cannot ship to this address.Pin code is not serviceable". Where do i live in? Narnia? :\ 
So disappointed.;; Gold collar-Mumbai.
Aaand this ring. I haven't quite figured what the animal is. The upper half looks like a cat(i think) and the bottom half looks like a snake. Haha. Weird. What do you think it is.?
Have a great weekend y'all. 


Thursday, 28 June 2012

Combat Baby.

Apologies for this delayed post.! I know i was supposed to do the outfit post with this DIY-ed shirt long time back. The thing is, Shillong's weather has not been so cooperative past few days. The rain, wetness and the cold didn't really allow me to wear this shirt without a jacket covering it. These pictures were taken after a heavy rainfall when the sun was shining just a little too much. So pardon me squinting in few of the pics. :)          

Wore the shirt with black jeggings. Its the same one that i wore here but black. (Told you they're super comfortable!) and black combat boots that were not only for the style but the utility. Its my rainy day shoes. Though it was sunny, you just cannot trust the weather here.
Shirt-DIY, Jeggings-Online, Combat boots-Carlton London via

So thats it for today.! Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Will be back with a new post soon.:)


Monday, 25 June 2012

Rainy day randoms.

Lets talk about the weather yea.? I can be lame sometimes. Bear with me. :) Shillong is known to have all the four seasons in one day. Believe me, I've seen/experienced it. Lately though, its only been raining. Its the monsoon season so i'm not surprised but its actually cold. I don't know about others but i sure did feel the chill.(Actually had to wear one of my winter jackets today). Its July. Not supposed to be cold. But again, its Shillong. Not that i'm complaining. Staying in my warm bed with my laptop in front of me while the rain pours outside just seems the perfect thing to do but its stopping me from doing outfit posts to keep this blog going. But i did manage to get out of the house to run some errand.Met up with the bf for coffee and took some pics with my new cam. :) So here are some random pics of me trying to look cute with my poofy eyes. :P

And after 2 and a half minutes. This. :P

Have a good week y'all. Its pouring outside while i write this. Rain outside+warm bed = Bliss.
I'm off. Be back soon. :)


Saturday, 23 June 2012

DIY: Sequined Peter Pan Collar

Hello lovely people.! I present to you my first DIY post.! I had finished this sometime back but got around to posting it only today because i just got my new camera. Wooot! Now that i have my own camera, i will post often i.e if my laziness doesn't take over me.  :P

Ive been into peter pan collars a lot lately and got this lovely cobalt blue one tailored. You must have noticed the collar is not exactly peter pan-ish. My tailor screwed up that part. Nonetheless,it looks nice. So to jazz it up a little got sequins onto the collar to make the not-so-peter-pan collar stand out. It was quite a tedious task getting those sequins on and took me around 3 days to complete. Totally worth it.! I will do an outfit post with it soon to show you what it looks like when worn. 
Be back soon. :) 


Saturday, 16 June 2012


Lace top-Gangtok; Shirt-self tailored; shoes-Toes via; Bag-gifted

Hellos lovely people.! I'm so sorry for the lack of posts these past few days (weeks?). My friend who takes my pictures got a job and now hardly has time to shoot with me. BooHoo.! Hence, the lack of posts. 

I remember being obsessed with purple in school days. It was my FAVORITE color. Guess what.? Still is. :P Something about purple we girls cant get enough of, no? So the moment i saw these purple jeggings i had to get them. Its not the usual jegging material but corduroys. Pretty  Very comfy. :) I could wear them all the time.!
My second obsession was is Leopard prints. It was around October last year that this obsession started. I wanted to wear a leopard print dress for a college event. And so the hunt for leopards started(no pun there). And to this day i'v collected everything leopard. Shirts,scarves,shoes,bag,coat-you name it. EXCEPT for pants. They're the only things missing from my leopard collection. But i haven't given up yet. :D 

Currently working on some DIYs. Post will follow as soon as its done. So stay tuned ladies.
Till then, Happy weekends.! 


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Thursday, 7 June 2012


Shirt-self tailored: shoes-Carlton London via; Bag&Shades-vintage

Firstly, a big HELLO to everyone. So after months of contemplating whether or not i should start this blog, I've done it. YaY me.:D This is my first ever blog so any kind of feedback will be really appreciated. :)

Neon is a major trend this season and i had to incorporate some in my wardrobe too. This shirt is probably the brightest i own! To tone it down a little, got black collars and cuffs on it. Accessorized with a tan clutch, a few rings and leopard shoes. Perfect for a day out in the sun. ^^