Friday, 19 April 2013

New Favorites.

Top/shoes/sunnies- Zara
Coat- Thrifted
Pants- Bandra

When i got these shoes i knew i had to pair them with all black to make them stand out. These beauties deserve the attention. Sometimes i plan an outfit with shoes as the focal point and this is one of those outfits.Clearly. Paired with with a lace top and a leopard print coat because i think leopard print and red is such a great combination. Plus it was cold. 

I'v never been a fan of shoes that expose the toes. Entire toes. I'v found my feet, especially my toes not very good looking and have refrained from wearing such shoes until i came across these red hot pair from Zara. I had to have it. And after days weeks of ogling at it on the web and being skeptical whether or not they will look good on my feet i finally got them. They look great. Yay! Though these shoes don't have platform, they are very comfortable and the heels are just perfect considering my height(5'10"). You see, i hear a lot of "you're so tall already why do you need heels?", "why do you want to look like a giant?" and so on.. Like any other girl, i like wearing heels. Period. In fact, I used to be the high heels or no heel kinda girl and theres a reason i say 'used to'. This shoes has changed my preference- for the better. Though i still hate kitten heels.  And when i wore them all i could think of was 'these are going to be my work shoes', when i get employed, that is. So comfortable to walk around in yet look stylish. And the leather and buckle detail on the ankle strap. I could just go on and on.. All in all, these are my new favorite pair of heels. 

Happy weekend y'all.


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

And they're here!

Both Zara

After a week of wait these gorgeous babies are finally here. Can't wait to style them! 
Special thanks to my lovely boyfriend for being ever so sweet so damn patient with me.
I love you. 


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Matchy Matchy.

 T shirt- Zara Man
Blazer- Thrifted
Shoes/Sunnies- Zara
Pants- Bandra, Bombay
Necklace- Colaba, Bombay

Embracing the Trend. With matchy matchy shoes and blazer. I love how the blue looks against the stripes. Added the neon pink necklace for the love of wearing accessories. And love how that looks against the stripes too. And the shoes,oh these shoes. I can dance in them. So comfy!
P.S. the t shirt is borrowed from the boyfriend.