Saturday, 30 March 2013


Shirt- Tailored
Skirt- Vero Moda
Necklace- Colaba, bombay
Belt- LInking Road, Bombay
Shoes- Zara
Sunnies- Vintage

Looking at these pictures i'm thinking i should go out of town more often to take pictures. Although, running in the middle of the road every time a car passes by is not my favorite thing to do, we do get some good pictures. Agree? Plus, i get to go on super fun drives with me Boyfriend. 

Today i'm wearing this self designed tailored denim shirt that i had done a DIY collar tip on which i forgot to post about, with another repeated piece, this leather skirt(I quote the same reason as the one in the last post for the repetition) and studded boots(Which will be repeated too,just a heads up). Added some silver with the necklace and belt to the rather boring denim+leather outfit. And i sure couldn't go without the stockings not because its still cold, but i rather not show them fat thighs and scare you all away. The temperature,otherwise,is rising up in this part of the country and spring is finally here. Bye bye layering. :(
But the again, it is this part of the country that has the most unpredictable weather. That leaves me hopeful. :)

Happy Easter weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Never let me go

Pardon me for the apparel repeat on the blog because a) I love this camo jacket and b)i don't own too many clothes. :P
Jokes aside, truth is, i really love this jacket. I'v made it obvious. Still. JUST SAYING. :)
Its one of those pieces that can be worn with anything. Last time i paired it with pants and this time i'v worn it over a dress. Two ways to wear it already. Wait till i come with more. :D

The weather was perfect today. Right amount of sun,wind,chill and my boyfriend is back. Happy girl today, so i jumped and ran around and got snapped while doing so.  :)


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Against the purple wall.

Finally got around to doing an outfit post. Thanks to the self timer. Though its a lot harder than it looks.  :\

I'm not really a trend follower but i do know whats trending. Black and white this season. But, but i did not go out of my way too get this top. I'v had it for centuries and worn it to fabric death. Threw in this camouflage shirt/jacket thingy for the mixed prints look and its quite an interesting clash. I like.

And i don't know what else to write. Have a great week ahead. I know i wont.

Shirt/jacket- Zara
Striped top- Local Market
Leggings- Zara
Shoes- Miss sixty

Monday, 18 March 2013


No, not this. 
This was the 'what to wear today! arggghh(with a pout)' situation. I'm sure You'l relate. :)

Quick post before i snooze. The ootd. Sorry for the crappy pictures. Boyfriends out of town so these bad quality selfshots will have to do. 
Wore his sweatshirt today with leggings and the beloved leather jacket. 
Something about wearing your boyfriends clothes. I love it. And i keep stealing from his wardrobe. :D

Also you guys, if you are on instagram you know how much easier it is to share pictures there. Thes are the instagramed ones. So many pictures that make it to instagram but never on the blog. So do follow me @sujalanewar for regular ootds. :)


Sunday, 17 March 2013


Hello lovely readers, hows the weekend rollin? I should stop listening to that thrift shop song.

I'v started using instagram and to say i'm hooked will be an understatement. Did nothing productive this week for myself or the blog. Except,got that ---->>>> cute eiffil tower follow on bloglovin badge. And the follow badges for instagram, pinterest and tumblr. So if your'e on bloglovin,or tumblr or pinterest or instagram,show me some love and follow me there. :)

While in Bombay i was interning at Harper's Bazaar and it was the most  amazing experience. I met Mr. Louboutin himself so that was pretty amazing. :D

Late and lame i know, but go grab a copy of the latest march anniversary issue with Katrina on the cover wearing Michael kors and Alice+Olivia. Inside- the amazing superhero inspired editorial(My fave) that i worked on, latest trend report which i know you will love,interview with Christian Louboutin and more. And and anddd also you can find my name in the credits. Little joys. :D
So proud to be a part of all of this. :)


Monday, 11 March 2013

First Official.

I will call this my first official post after the long break becauseee the previous was rather impromptu.
Oh the joy of dressing up and going out to take pictures. Except that today mother nature decided to give us the first major rain of the year(or the first rain since i got back)i think IT IS the first, y'know those rain-all-day-dark-and-gloomy-i'd ratherbeinbedwithmyinternetallday kinda day. My luck. Oh well.  And so we had to wait for the sun to shine again. Which it did for like, 20 minutes. :\  thats when these pictures were taken.

The original outfit was supposed to be without the coat but it got too cold to go out without one. No complaining about the cold, I love dressing up like this. Winter, in fact, is my favorite season. Its just the wetness that i hate. Also,carrying umbrella all the time to be on the safe side and not get wet. Ugh. And water, squishy mud and frizzy hair. No thank you. :)

This outfit represents how i'd happily dress up for the rest of my life.Some Leather, Animal print, Coat, Leggings and heels. All of what i'm wearing are my favorites. I love. 
You like.? :)

My hair doesn't really co-operate in the rain 

Sweater/Shoes/shades- Zara
Skirt- Vero Moda
Leggings- Bonjour
Coat- Thrifted
Ring- Colaba, Mumbai
Bag- Hill Road, Mumbai