Thursday, 28 June 2012

Combat Baby.

Apologies for this delayed post.! I know i was supposed to do the outfit post with this DIY-ed shirt long time back. The thing is, Shillong's weather has not been so cooperative past few days. The rain, wetness and the cold didn't really allow me to wear this shirt without a jacket covering it. These pictures were taken after a heavy rainfall when the sun was shining just a little too much. So pardon me squinting in few of the pics. :)          

Wore the shirt with black jeggings. Its the same one that i wore here but black. (Told you they're super comfortable!) and black combat boots that were not only for the style but the utility. Its my rainy day shoes. Though it was sunny, you just cannot trust the weather here.
Shirt-DIY, Jeggings-Online, Combat boots-Carlton London via

So thats it for today.! Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Will be back with a new post soon.:)



  1. The shirt looks amazing! and so is the background
    great post!

  2. love it! you are gorgeous - and i can't believe this is diy! beautiful shirt!

  3. love the blouse

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  5. What a lovely blouse, I love the deep blue colour and the sparkly collar.

  6. Love your outfit so much!!

    You look amazing

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  7. hey love your sequined shirt n i am from guwahati n m nepali:)

  8. Love this shirt! Looks great!

    Jess xx

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