Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Rainbow cake

Quick post on what i was up to today. Baked this rainbow cake for the bf. First attempt. Quite pleased with the result. :)  

What do you think.? :)


Monday, 9 July 2012

Back in Black

With a little gold here and there. When was the last time i posted.? Well the the post title is quite apt and yus I'm back wearing all black.(You dont say?)
I've realized, taking pictures for the blog is a lot harder than well,starting the blog. Which explains my lack of posts. Finding a location,getting someone to take your pictures and sometimes not even being able to carry the camera around(See the size of my bag). result:nothing to post. :\
Got my brother to take these pictures(Forcefully of course)before i left the house.  
Really into shirts and sheer as of now. :D

I'v hated gold jewellery for as long as i can remember. I was always more of a silver person. Oh but how i contradict myself. :P

Leopard print. I'v already spoken about my obsession with this print here.

All in all,this outfit pretty much defines my style. Comfort chic. Is that even a term? Errm.. but yea its the comfort that i look for in my clothing. The shirt being my comfort element here. I believe that you could be dresses in the fanciest of clothes but if you're not comfortable wearing them its just.. Bleh. Aaanndd also, how easily can this outfit be dressed up.? Throw in a fitting blazer with a pair of heels and voila a whole different dressed up look. I'm thinking of ways to style this outfit for the dressed up look while i write this. Next post maybe.? :D

Trying to do the I'm walking picture and failing miserably. Haha.

Fighting them wind.

Shirt-self tailored; jeggings- 99labels.com; Flats- Carlton London;
Bag- Westside; Rings- Fashionandyou.com;
Shades-Vintage; Neck piece- Bombay.

Feel free to tell me what you think about the post.! :)
Will be back with a new post. Soon.  
Take care and have a great week y'all. 

P.S: This post is submitted as INFB Remix-Sheer entry.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Brown Delight

Hi lovely readers! Though this blog is about style and fashion, it will also encompass the things that i like other than clothes and shoes. This post will show you what.
As you can see, I'm quite a foodie. Stayed home today and had nothing better to do so i baked.! I'm no pro at it though. I only bake or cook for my own taste buds. :D
I had recently learnt how to bake walnut brownie and thought I'd share it with you. Its a really simple recipe and takes less than half an hour to bake. So anyone who's not really into baking but wants to try because lets admit it, we cant always run to Cafe coffee day for those sinful brownies, can try this. Really simple and easy. :)

Ingredients you'll need:
  1. Flour- 1 cup
  2. Cocoa powder- 1/2 a cup
  3. Eggs- 3
  4. Baking powder- 3/4th of a teaspoon
  5. Vanilla essence- 2 teaspoons
  6. Yogurt- 1/2 a cup
  7. Ground sugar- 1 cup
  8. Butter- 4 tablespoons.
  9. Walnuts- a handful

Melt the butter and add the ground sugar to it. Next, add the flour and the cocoa powder followed by the eggs,baking powder,vanilla essence and yogurt. Like this.
 Basically theres no step by step method to follow here.. Yeah. Culinary advice from the clumsy cook. :P Just add in all of the ingredients to get a smooth chocolaty batter that looks something like this 
Add the walnuts. 

Preheat the microwave to 220 degree Celsius and bake it for about 7 mins. 
Et voila. So simple and easy and so damn yummy. :D 
Try it.! :)